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Other Body Jewelry


1.Belly ring or navel ring    Regular size:1.2×10×5/8 or 1.6×10×5/8   


2.Eyebrow ring or eyebrow studs(banana bar)   Regular size:1.6×6×2/3 or 1.6×8×2/2.5or 1.6×10×2.5/3



3.Labret ring or lib ring or labret studs    Regular size:Gague 1.2mm Length 4~12mm


4.Nose ring or nose studs     Regular size:Gague 1.0mm Length 6.5mm


 5.Ear expander or ear tunnels     Regular size:gague 1.2~50mm


 6.Ear studs or earrings      Regular size:As normolly


 7.Tongue ring or tongue bar&vibrating tongue ring     Regular size:Gague 1.6mm  Length 6~50mm


 8.Nipple ring      Regular size:Gague 1.6mm Length 14~16mm


 9.Industrial bar or industrial barbell  Regular size:Length 33,37,41mm  Balls 5/5/5mm


 10.CBR&BCR     Regular size:Gague 0.8~12mm 




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